Gardening For Nature

Many of us have experienced a heightened love for our gardens, wildlife and green space this year!

Ajay Tegala and Adam O’Hare are two such people, both passionate about encouraging nature. Wildlife Presenter & Countryside Ranger, Ajay is based in Cambridgeshire and Communicator & Filmmaker, Adam is based in Birmingham.

Together they made the mini-series of videos entitled Gardening for Nature [BELOW], sharing what they have been doing to encourage wildlife into their gardens, along with contributions from other like-minded people (such as Joshua Styles); also enthusiastic about providing homes for nature alongside our own.

Part 1 went online Monday 14th September (at 7pm)

Part 2 went online Wednesday 16th September (at 7pm)

Part 3 goes live / online Friday 18th September at 7pm

We hope you enjoyed #GardeningForNature πŸ™‚

πŸ’š Best wishes!