Day 3 – 30 Days Wild


I decided on something quick, simple and easy today!

I would be at work for a good chunk of the day, so I needed to do something where I could easily relax afterwards…  Doing the previous challenges – which, don’t get me wrong, I had tons of fun doing!  It’s just; I didn’t quite get time to relax once I was done.  I had a video to edit together, a blog to write and then attempt to get them online (and shared via Social Media) before the day was up!

(Time has flown sorting everything out for this blog, etc…)

I only get a 20 minute lunch-break on Wednesdays (due to the hours I do) – I wanted to make it a wild one!  But I couldn’t risk going to a local park or something and then not get back in time…  So, I improvised!  And decided to make it somewhat wild by watching the BBC Springwatch Webcams!  Via the BBC Red Button channel.  There were three other people in the room, I don’t think they realised what I had put on, aha! 😀

Springwatch Cetti's Warbler Nest Live
Springwatch Cetti’s Warbler Nest Live

I sat stuffing my face with a create-your-own cheesy garlic pepperoni pizza from Sainsbury’s (where I work) Pizza Counter 😛  Watching a Cetti’s Warbler attend it’s chicks!  It’s pretty amazing what we can do nowadays, thanks to technology!  It was really enjoyable, eating my food whilst the chicks got theirs and intern having their faecal-sacks disposed of 😀

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