Upton Warren: Eurasian Curlew

Happy World Curlew Day!

Canned Wildlife

The nowclassified as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List, UK Amber andRed List species under the Birds of Conservation Concern review and as a Priority Species in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Eurasian Curlew are still holding on at Upton Warren in the landlocked county of Worcestershire in the West Midlands region, and they can be seen throughout autumn and winter, roosting at The Flashes most evenings.

For waders theyโ€™re large and tall, approx the size of female a Pheasant โ€“ making them the largest European wading bird. Their haunting call (โ€˜Cur-leeโ€™) is unmistakable โ€“ itโ€™s one of my favourite bird calls โ€“ it can be heard from February through to July on its breeding grounds; wet grasslands, farmland, heath and moorlands. From July onwards coastal numbers start to build up and peak in January.

Curlews feed on worms, shrimps and shellfish. The largest concentrations of them areโ€ฆ

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