Day 17 – 30 Days Wild

(I’m using my phone to do this blog entry)  I was at work early today and had to do a couple errands when I finished, then it rained continuously.  I had already danced in the rain.  

  So I was left trying decide what to do, sat in my parents kitchen, when my Dad said he had came across another interesting insect at work…  


What is it? It looks like a Beetle-Cricket-Hybrid, haha! …Is it just a Cricket?
Its’ top/back half.

My Dad has came across various creepy crawlies at work, some living and some dead.  The Cricket thing is the second specimen he has came home with, below is the first.  


A Small Elephant Hawk-moth! 🙂
I love its’ patterning/colours. There is always perfection in nature.
Thanks 🙂