Day 11 – 30 Days Wild

There’s the suggestion to “Follow a bee”, but to cut a long story short; I watched a few insects (no Bees today) after work.  What first caught my eye was a wee blue flying one!  A Ruby-tailed Wasp to be exact 🙂

Apologies for the poor images (phone snaps again).

The fly that caught my eye
Ruby-tailed Wasp – blue top and red bottom

Something larger caught my eye and disappeared down the back of the shed door, a Mason Wasp!  Which I watched for a short while.

Mason Wasp
Mason Wasp
Flies followed it back to the shed, and sat outside

Something landed on my hand and startled me!  After all, I was Wasp-watching.  I shook it off and it flew on to the shed door, which seems a popular place for flying insects.

It was a Damselfly! It was brown in colour

A couple clips of the Mason Wasp:

Thanks 🙂

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