Day 5 – 30 Days Wild

Day5 30DW

It’s yet again another workday, so I was pleased that The Wildlife Trust helped me pick something simple to do, by posting their suggestion to Instagram 😀

Good one!
Good one!

The garden at my house-share – North of where I grew up – is satisfyingly unkempt!  Great for Nature and getting your feet into!  So I went out and did Day 5 of this wonderful campaign there 🙂 But I didn’t stop there, oh no!  This is moi we’re talking about 😉

I treated my toesies to one of my favourite front gardens, just up the road!  It too is gratefully unkempt and has a fantastic variety of flora! ❤

Lovely lawn!
Lovely lawn!

In true form, below is another video awaiting your viewing.

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