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BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2017

Last year I did separate videos of my interviews with the at gardening celebs / presenters and garden designers. This year I thought it would be better to edit the interviews etc of the show, into one video and that's exactly what I've done in the short video below: You can see last years videos… Continue reading BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2017

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Day 12 – 30 Days Wild

"Follow a bumblebee"  12/06/16 After work, I decided to go for a nice stroll with a colleague and friend, Sophie.  We sauntered around the semi-rural outskirts of Northfield Town Centre (in South Birmingham). Before we got to the location Sophie had in mind, literally just a few yards from where we work, we noticed beside… Continue reading Day 12 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 9 – 30 Days Wild

"Wear a flower behind your ear" 09/06/16 Today I helped out at Cranesbill Nursery - it's a lovely company that sells Hardy Geraniums.  'Cranesbill' is the common name for a Hardy Geranium, and there were plenty of Bees buzzing around them today. Many of the varieties on the nursery are in flower at the moment,… Continue reading Day 9 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 8 – 30 Days Wild

Some Good News 08/06/16 See video:  More info:  The course is ran by B'ham Metropolitan College at the Botanical Gardens - the course involves; boundary habitat conservation, ecological surveys and techniques, ecology of trees, woods and forests, game management and environmental studies. Thankyou. 😊

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Day 7 – 30 Days Wild

Wildlife Gardening 07/06/16 I thought it would be a good idea to combine a 30 Days Wild activity, with the BBC's Do Something Great campaign!  My parents needed some Broom planting, so I used this opportunity to my advantage - for a quick video: Thanks. 🙂

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Day 2 – 30 Days Wild

"Explore somewhere wild"  02/06/16 I travelled near enough 4 hours from the West Midlands to Suffolk, so I could visit RSPB Minsmere, and also be in the BBC Springwatch Unsprung audience!  Some of you will know, it's a reserve right on the East Coast of England!  And is a host to a variety of habits, wildlife and… Continue reading Day 2 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 1 – #30DaysWild

"Discover urban wildness" Hello!  I'm baaack! 😀  And so is Random Acts of Wildness! I had work today at 7AM and finished around 2.30PM.  Due to that and wanting to blog about what I'd do today, I needed something easy for my Act of Wildness.  So of course, I was very pleased that I changed… Continue reading Day 1 – #30DaysWild