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Eurasian Nuthatch

On 28th March (2018) I was out walking with my mum, when I spotted a couple of Nuthatches on the edge of a wood where we were just about to walk through, and I happened to notice that one of them was putting mud around a hole in a tree, as its nest is in… Continue reading Eurasian Nuthatch

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Upton Warren: Eurasian Curlew

The now classified as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List, UK Amber and Red List species under the Birds of Conservation Concern review and as a Priority Species in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, Eurasian Curlew are still holding on at Upton Warren in the landlocked county of Worcestershire in the West Midlands region, and they… Continue reading Upton Warren: Eurasian Curlew

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Day 16 – 30 Days Wild

"Invite a friend into nature" Today my friend Gary (mentioned in previous posts) and I visited the Wolseley Centre - Staffordshire Wildlife Trust HQ! We've had great day, the weather was wonderful.  We both hadn't been before.  I was impressed by the variety of habitats (grassland, lakes, rivers and woodland) and species. Today's challenge was "invite… Continue reading Day 16 – 30 Days Wild