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Day 13 – 30 Days Wild

"Dance in a downpour"  13/06/16 To the exact day; like last year - I danced in the rain!  This time, I changed the lyrics to a popular song to accompany this particular Act of Wildness. 😉 Thanks for visiting. 😅

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Day 12 – 30 Days Wild

"Follow a bumblebee"  12/06/16 After work, I decided to go for a nice stroll with a colleague and friend, Sophie.  We sauntered around the semi-rural outskirts of Northfield Town Centre (in South Birmingham). Before we got to the location Sophie had in mind, literally just a few yards from where we work, we noticed beside… Continue reading Day 12 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 7 – 30 Days Wild

Wildlife Gardening 07/06/16 I thought it would be a good idea to combine a 30 Days Wild activity, with the BBC's Do Something Great campaign!  My parents needed some Broom planting, so I used this opportunity to my advantage - for a quick video: Thanks. 🙂

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Day 6 – 30 Days Wild

Green Birmingham Finally!  I've managed a blog on the actually day!  Well it's night now, but you know what I mean! 😄 06/06/16 The weather was gorgeous today - so on my way back from my parents, I decided to film a stretch of road I grew up near (using my phone); showing off the… Continue reading Day 6 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 22 – 30 Days Wild

"Snap a picture of something blue" A nice easy one today 🙂  I spent most of my day with my friend Laura at her Pet Store.  I've mentioned the shops' unkempt Wildlife Garden in a previous Blog post, it's where I took todays' "something blue". I've heard Forget-me-nots being described as "a British staple" - they… Continue reading Day 22 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 19 – 30 Days Wild

"admire the setting sun"   Today I chose to admire the setting sun.  I had been at work, plus a couple things didn't go to plan - so it was a nice relaxed way to end the day.  I took these pictures from my friend's flat (again, with my mobile). I then went up Rubery Hill… Continue reading Day 19 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 18 – 30 Days Wild

What Caught My Eye  For day 18, I decided I would take a picture of whatever caught my eye.  The first thing that did, was a lovely Green Shield Bug! 🙂 Later I went to visit my friend Laura's pet shop, CavyNoodle Pets UK - in a village called Rubery.  The shop more or less has… Continue reading Day 18 – 30 Days Wild