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October: Amazing Autumn

Made in October 2011 [VIDEOS], three great things to look out for this month:  acorn crazy Jays, Rutting Fallow Deer & fun looking Fungi! 🥜 🦌 🍄 Apologies for the inaccuracies in the Fungi video; pronunciation of hallucinogenic and apparently you can eat  Amethyst Deceivers - but it is better to be safe than… Continue reading October: Amazing Autumn

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Day 14 – 30 Days Wild

"Tweet for the wild"  14/06/16 Today I tweeted a link to the video below - which I made last year - about my favourite local patch and why it matters to me: The poem I mentioned in the video:  Ode to a Secret River Thanks 😀

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Day 15 – 30 Days Wild

Today I went a 30 minute walk along the Worcester & Birmingham Canal from Selly Oak, heading south towards Bournville 🙂 I'm not against cyclists, at all, but it would have been a lot more peaceful - and easier to take photos - if I didn't have to get out of the way of people… Continue reading Day 15 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 8 – 30 Days Wild

A Tale of Discovery Yesterday was a very long day...  The Beach Clean only lasted two minutes, but there was the early start, the traveling and finding somewhere with WiFi (the connection was awfully slow) not far from the beach - so I could finish yesterday's blog and do a blog for that day -… Continue reading Day 8 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 4 – 30 Days Wild

I was at work again today, so went with a simple Random Act of Wildness - on the days I'm not at work they'll be somewhat elaborate 😉  I chose "Discover urban wildness and mini habitats." - from the booklet and decided I would complete this challenge by walking home from work and passing by certain… Continue reading Day 4 – 30 Days Wild