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Wildlife in September and October

Below are some videos from my past, showcasing nature to be seen in September and in October.   I am actually quite pleased with my voice-over work from-back-in 2011!  You might be happy to know, it is a skill which I've now honed.   September (2011) October (2011) Apologies for the inaccuracies… Continue reading Wildlife in September and October

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Wildlife in June

As I mentioned in my last blog post - a few years ago I made a series of short videos which were featured on the Reader’s Digest Magazine website, entitled Wildlife Monthly.   Each video is around a minute or more, detailing flora and fauna (mainly fauna) for you to look out for; below I have… Continue reading Wildlife in June

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Day 14 – 30 Days Wild

I got back from work (I don't usually work on Sundays) and I didn't have to wait long until I was eating a lovely Roast Dinner made by my Mum.  Afterwards my Dad said a newspaper he read earlier had something about birds nesting on a roof - he kindly fetched it for me...  I… Continue reading Day 14 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 7 – 30 Days Wild

A more elaborate activity for today's 30 Days Wild 🙂 What I like about the 30 Days Wild campaign is that we have the freedom to do anything wildlife related (preferably outdoors) that we can think of.  You don't have to stick with what is in the booklet, as it's a guide/suggestion on what we… Continue reading Day 7 – 30 Days Wild