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Review: Get Your Boots On

Last year (2019) a cool and vibrant book became available to purchase from your favourite bookstore and for your Ebook devices, written by an inspirational social media friend and fellow naturalist, Alex White! Published by Dived Up. First off, what I really like is how colourful and cleverly graphically designed it is. Alex's pictures are… Continue reading Review: Get Your Boots On

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Wildlife Monthly: ARG Record Pool

This month I've decided to focus on some wildlife that takes a backseat, and is often overlooked - Reptiles and Amphibians!  🐍 🐸 ARG UK have teamed up with Amphibian and Reptile Conservation; to bring us a Record Pool of our water loving and sun loving friends!  In the video below I interview Underwater Cameraman, Jack Perks - to… Continue reading Wildlife Monthly: ARG Record Pool

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Day 16 – 30 Days Wild

"Invite a friend into nature" Today my friend Gary (mentioned in previous posts) and I visited the Wolseley Centre - Staffordshire Wildlife Trust HQ! We've had great day, the weather was wonderful.  We both hadn't been before.  I was impressed by the variety of habitats (grassland, lakes, rivers and woodland) and species. Today's challenge was "invite… Continue reading Day 16 – 30 Days Wild