Day 14 – 30 Days Wild


I got back from work (I don’t usually work on Sundays) and I didn’t have to wait long until I was eating a lovely Roast Dinner made by my Mum.  Afterwards my Dad said a newspaper he read earlier had something about birds nesting on a roof – he kindly fetched it for me…  I was appalled by what I read!  So as of a few minutes ago, I did “send a letter to your local newspaper” – one of the suggestions in the 30 Days Wild booklet.

I e-mailed the newspaper, this is what I sent:

Dear Sunday Mercury/J Taylor,

Firstly, Peregrines are Falcons – not Hawks.  They haven’t and won’t decimate Songbirds.  Also, not all ringed birds are Pigeons and are ‘owned’ by people.

Secondly, they are ‘native’ and are protected due to the years of persecution on Raptors (Birds of Prey) from a minority of small minded people – with unfair unrealistic outdated views.

Thirdly, Peregrines have moved to where their food is, due to the affects us humans have on the natural world – they are originally Coastal Birds (mostly), like Rock Doves a.k.a Racing/City/Feral Pigeons.

Lastly, a Peregrine is only doing what is natural in nature – keeping and racing Pigeons is not.  The RSPB conserve all nature equally.

Adam Canning

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Thanks for reading 🙂

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