Day 13 – 30 Days Wild

It was raining, so I only had one obvious thing to do – “Dance in a downpour” ! 😀

I kind of had a routine planned, but I just went with whatever came to mind!  Oopsy! 😛  I filmed it close to the entrance of a wood, with my phone sat on the handrail of a wooden bridge that takes you over a brook into the wood.  There were dog walkers – hence the brief pause and glance to the left of screen.

Enjoy my sloppy “moves”, it is supposed to be funny… I look such a fool! 😉

Thanks 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 13 – 30 Days Wild

  1. Ahahaha! Oh yeah! – That’s right! – And bump! – And grind!… 😀 It certainly was P-ing down! Mission successful I say! x

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