Day 16 – 30 Days Wild

Enthuse About Nature


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_16

I was at the Birmingham N.E.C yesterday and today – as a member of Press – to report on BBC Gardeners’ World Live (but my focus was on the wild side of it).

I interviewed a number of interesting people (the interviews haven’t all been edited together yet) and in the video below, I have taken a selection of clips from the interviews; showing gardeners – from all walks of life – enthusing about nature:

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Day 10 – 30 Days Wild

“Watch a wild webcam” 


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_10Today I was at work 9AM-5PM, so I needed another easy Random Act of Wildness, so I arrived at work with enough time to get breakfast and watch the Springwatch Webcam(s) in the staff canteen.

After I was done watching, I left the channel on, so somebody would find a live-stream of wildlife at work, and would maybe watch, enjoy and become a fan of Springwatch/become more interested in nature, if they’re not already! 😉

After a while, the chicks started emerging from their hidey-hole

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Day 4 – 30 Days Wild

“Encourage wild at work” 


I have been working most of the first few days of June, so I’ve opted for easy Acts of Wildness (I have had no choice really) for my 30 Days Wild ‘challenges’.  They are still enjoyable mind!  I particularly enjoyed Encourage wild at work, because it made me bring nature into the work place – more specifically; the staff canteen! 💚

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_04

So what did I do?  Well, on my lunch break I put the Springwatch Webcams on the TV, it happened to be adorable Little Owls which were on screen. 😃

Sophie, my colleague and friend, showed some interest and happily sat down in front of the TV:  

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Day 2 – 30 Days Wild

“Explore somewhere wild” 


I travelled near enough 4 hours from the West Midlands to Suffolk, so I could visit RSPB Minsmere, and also be in the BBC Springwatch Unsprung audience!  Some of you will know, it’s a reserve right on the East Coast of England!  And is a host to a variety of habits, wildlife and of course, BBC Springwatch!  😃  I came over on the Wednesday night and stayed in near by Leiston, at the  Field End Guest House.TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_02

I often wax-lyrical (to friends and family) about reserves that have a variety of habitats, I absolutely love them, because they are so enriching to explore and will be home to many different species of wildlife, which is fantastic to observe and have encounters with.

RSPB Minsmere certainly deserves it’s national recognition!  I will definitely be visiting again in the near future!  I arrived on the reserve at 10.30AM.


I was very happy to be there!

I love a good Log Pile and what an amazing extensive one this is!
Top Nature of the Day:


That’s the Bittern Hide in the distance

said Orchid

Observing the Stone-Curlew (in the distance)

Sand Martin colony

Sea Thrift
At 5.00PM it was time to load the car up and get ready for Springwatch UNSPRUNG!

Cueing up for Unsprung with Gary

Waiting to be let into the Studio! 

To see me on UNSPRUNG click here!

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First LIVE Studio Interview

I should hopefully be making a series of short videos very soon, for Big Centre TV.  The series will be entitled Wild West (Midlands) and it will showcase the greenspaces, wildlife and naturalists that are in and around the West Midlands.

To introduce me to their audience they asked me to come in on the 24th for a live studio interview, to discuss what families in the West Midlands can get up to this Easter Holiday, surveys and seasonal wildlife.

This is my first ever live studio interview:

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Wildlife Monthly: ARG Record Pool

This month I’ve decided to focus on some wildlife that takes a backseat, and is often overlooked – Reptiles and Amphibians!  🐍 🐸

ARG UK have teamed up with Amphibian and Reptile Conservation; to bring us a Record Pool of our water loving and sun loving friends!  In the video below I interview Underwater Cameraman, Jack Perks – to give us some tips and the lowdown on this nationwide survey.

To get involved with the survey; click here.  💻

Get spotting!

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Day 24 – 30 Days Wild

Behind the Scenes: Video for the Wild


I chose the mystery location for yesterdays’ video, because I grew up a short walk away from it and was inspired by an episode of Countryfile where Anita Rani showcases rural Bradford 😛  Incase you’ve not seen the video, I’ll not ruin the ‘surprise’ with naming it.  It’s where I cut my teeth as a child and naturalist, so to speak and over the years I’ve seen loads of wildlife there, a few firsts, which includes the time I saw my first Weasel as a child!  Yesterday my friend Gary and I observed a Kestrel and Jay up there.

In the second shot of the intro to my video, I’m on the top of Rubery Hill/Cock Hill, with the Frankley countryside and suburb in the background, there are more great views from up there; the Lickey Hills, Rubery and Bromsgrove in the distance – plus the country park I reveal in my video 😉

When we were filming near Frankley Beeches wood, we heard and saw a beautiful male Yellowhammer – it’s the second time I’ve seen one in Frankley, (I’ve mainly distantly heard their song now and again) so I decided to record and feature this Yellowhammers’ song as the soundtrack for the video.  We could also hear the beautiful song of the Skylark in the distance, down near Lower Hill Farm.  On New Street, near the Greenbelt just before Frankley Hill Lane (which leads up to the Frankley Beeches Wood) I saw a partly Leucistic male Blackbird collecting worms, I almost mistook it for a Ring Ouzel!

**Yesterdays’ Video for the Wild** 😀

Today I observed a male and female House Sparrow feeding on aphids from the wee Willow Tree that’s in my parents garden.

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Day 7 – 30 Days Wild


A more elaborate activity for today’s 30 Days Wild 🙂
What I like about the 30 Days Wild campaign is that we have the freedom to do anything wildlife related (preferably outdoors) that we can think of.  You don’t have to stick with what is in the booklet, as it’s a guide/suggestion on what we could do – to make it easier for us to do all 30 days.

This morning I had an impromptu tour of some lovely gardens at a National Trust property in rural Wolverhampton – Moseley Old Hall!  A modest but beautiful place, with a very homely feel – I highly recommend that you visit 😀  My friend Gary is the gardener there, and he kindly allowed me to borrow a few things from his shed to help with today’s Random Act of Wildness.

Today I’ve done something that isn’t in the booklet, it was inspired by a Springwatch Unsprung episode – the #2MinuteBeachClean!  The beach I chose to do it on has a high footfall, plus it is the nearest one to where I live, the West Midlands – so it seemed right I did it there.  My trusty friend Gary was at hand to assist me again in making the video!

My beach comb collection!
My rubbish beach comb collection!  See video below.

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Day 6 – 30 Days Wild

It’s a short one today.  I started work at 4pm and wanted to catch up on Springwatch during the day, so I decided that would be my task for Day 6.

I’m loving the natural-nest-site camera on the Barn Owls – it’s brilliant we can watch their goings on inside an old Oak Tree!  The Stickleback footage is amazing, such clear crisp stunning images of behaviour we wouldn’t normally know is going on beneath the surface!  I thought it was a real privilege that the BBC got to film the Beaver analysis and release, I personally like that we have them back in the UK and on a river called Otter! 😛

I also liked it when Michaela got to paddle around the reeds and witnessed the various Warblers and saw inside a Bearded Tit nest.  And there was that film featuring the talented cameraman with dyslexia, that was inspired to film Wildlife from the Ladybird books illustrator (apologies – I have forgot certain names, I may add them later).

Chris & Michaela
Chris & Michaela
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Day 3 – 30 Days Wild


I decided on something quick, simple and easy today!

I would be at work for a good chunk of the day, so I needed to do something where I could easily relax afterwards…  Doing the previous challenges – which, don’t get me wrong, I had tons of fun doing!  It’s just; I didn’t quite get time to relax once I was done.  I had a video to edit together, a blog to write and then attempt to get them online (and shared via Social Media) before the day was up!

(Time has flown sorting everything out for this blog, etc…)

I only get a 20 minute lunch-break on Wednesdays (due to the hours I do) – I wanted to make it a wild one!  But I couldn’t risk going to a local park or something and then not get back in time…  So, I improvised!  And decided to make it somewhat wild by watching the BBC Springwatch Webcams!  Via the BBC Red Button channel.  There were three other people in the room, I don’t think they realised what I had put on, aha! 😀

Springwatch Cetti's Warbler Nest Live
Springwatch Cetti’s Warbler Nest Live

I sat stuffing my face with a create-your-own cheesy garlic pepperoni pizza from Sainsbury’s (where I work) Pizza Counter 😛  Watching a Cetti’s Warbler attend it’s chicks!  It’s pretty amazing what we can do nowadays, thanks to technology!  It was really enjoyable, eating my food whilst the chicks got theirs and intern having their faecal-sacks disposed of 😀