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Day 9 – 30 Days Wild

"Wear a flower behind your ear" 09/06/16 Today I helped out at Cranesbill Nursery - it's a lovely company that sells Hardy Geraniums.  'Cranesbill' is the common name for a Hardy Geranium, and there were plenty of Bees buzzing around them today. Many of the varieties on the nursery are in flower at the moment,… Continue reading Day 9 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 8 – 30 Days Wild

Some Good News 08/06/16 See video:  More info:  The course is ran by B'ham Metropolitan College at the Botanical Gardens - the course involves; boundary habitat conservation, ecological surveys and techniques, ecology of trees, woods and forests, game management and environmental studies. Thankyou. 😊

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Day 7 – 30 Days Wild

Wildlife Gardening 07/06/16 I thought it would be a good idea to combine a 30 Days Wild activity, with the BBC's Do Something Great campaign!  My parents needed some Broom planting, so I used this opportunity to my advantage - for a quick video: Thanks. 🙂

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Day 6 – 30 Days Wild

Green Birmingham Finally!  I've managed a blog on the actually day!  Well it's night now, but you know what I mean! 😄 06/06/16 The weather was gorgeous today - so on my way back from my parents, I decided to film a stretch of road I grew up near (using my phone); showing off the… Continue reading Day 6 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 5 – 30 Days Wild

Wildlife At My Window 05/06/16  For day 5 - I have decided to share with you, the wildlife I can see from my window. Recently I set up a Window Bird Feeder, and all that I had visiting, was a lovely Great Tit - despite all the birds I get in the garden... But with… Continue reading Day 5 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 4 – 30 Days Wild

"Encourage wild at work"  04/06/16 I have been working most of the first few days of June, so I've opted for easy Acts of Wildness (I have had no choice really) for my 30 Days Wild 'challenges'.  They are still enjoyable mind!  I particularly enjoyed Encourage wild at work, because it made me bring nature… Continue reading Day 4 – 30 Days Wild

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Day 3 – 30 Days Wild

Nature Highlights at Minsmere 03/06/16 Hello 😊 For day three, I caught up on Springwatch and UNSPRUNG episodes that I've missed, plus I've put together a short video of my highlights at RSPB Minsmere (below) featuring:   Great Spotted Woodpecker Otter Nightingale (Song) Chaffinches Sand Martins Stone-Curlew Barnacle Goose Avocet Redshank Black-Headed Gull Chicks Enjoy!… Continue reading Day 3 – 30 Days Wild